Please email it to Lee, our Media & Marketing Specialist, at

We will make every effort to include your submission in the bulletin for the week(s) you request. However, there’s a lot going on around here! Many people are sending in submissions, so please make sure you are clear about WHEN you want your submission to appear and WHAT it should say. Please send a fully-written submission. Once you send it, know that it is subject to editing and space constraints. As a general rule, submissions are rotated out of the bulletin after two weeks to make room for new submissions.

Please don’t send clipart—it won’t be used. You may submit logos or artwork to accompany your text, but space may not allow them to be included.

Please make sure your submission includes all the relevant information, including DATE, TIME, and PLACE for your event, as well as a website, email address, or phone number for questions if applicable.

If you are a business seeking to run a paid advertisement in the back of our bulletin, please contact the publisher directly:
Liturgical Publications Inc.
1-800-477-4574 |

Other marketing avenues for Saints John & Paul Parish activities ONLY:

  • Full-page or half-page flyers
    (Generally pages 12 & 13 in our bulletin, though sometimes separate insert pages can be included as well) These are available subject to scheduling. If you wish to schedule a full-page flyer, please contact Kirstin at or (724) 935-2104 x289 to reserve a space in our marketing calendar.
  • Narthex screen slide
    Please contact Kirstin at or (724) 935-2104 x289 to reserve a space in our marketing calendar.
  • “Announcement” on Father’s page and the website home page
    Please contact Betsy at or (724) 935-2104 x234 for approval.

Additions to/removal from the Service Members/Prayer List page should also be sent to Betsy at or (724) 935-2104 x234.